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my experience with all around van lines was horrific from start to finish. I moved from Chicago to Minneapolis in July 2018.

I called to schedule and was given a quote I was happy with. I was given a time frame for pick up and drop off. Because my new job was starting shortly after my move I needed and expedited service and was charged 600 extra dollars for assurance that my things would be dropped on within one to three days instead of ten to fifteen days. I got an email to verify the amount of things I would need transported and a follow up phone call to double check.

Daniella was the woman's name. Everything seemed in order. The day of the pick up I was contacted in the morning with a message that they couldn't get their truck started and would not be picking up my things until the next day. Ok, I thought.

Maybe that's out of their control and the following day was still within their estimated time frame I was originally given so I didn't make a fuss. The next day the movers were late showing up (I found out later that this was a third party moving company that all around van lines contracts with). Two guys and a giant truck. They didn't know I lived on the second floor (which I had specifically told Daniella).

And they didn't know they would be moving any boxes. Despite my thorough inventory via email plus verified with Daniella over the phone. Come to find out later that she "forgot" to ask me if I was moving with boxes. Who doesn't have boxes when they move?

So the two guys inform me that the price is 1000 dollars more than my estimate because of the space all the boxes are going to take up in the truck. Fine, I think. Honest mistake. Also, I had no time for a plan B.

Just pay the money and don't fuss. So the two guys spend SIX HOURS moving all of my stuff into the truck. Not their fault. There's only two of them but oh my god send a third guy.

It felt like it took forever (I moved places when I was living in Chicago and it took three guys four hours to move out of my old place and in to my new place). Then the movers tell me they have no record of my expedited order. I show them on my receipt where I paid an extra 600 dollars and they basically shrug their shoulders and tell me I need to call the company, that they don't know anything about it. Fine.

All my stuff is packed. They leave. I get in the car to drive to Minnesota. That was Saturday.

Sunday I call all around van lines to confirm that I had paid extra for an expedited service. The girl who answers the phone directs me to "dispatch" and no one answers the phone there. I call the girl back and she says I need to call back on Monday because maybe no one is in the office over the weekend. Strange, I think.

But ok. I call on Monday and get redirected to dispatch. They don't know what I'm talking about when I say I paid for an expedited service. I am informed that they don't even offer an expedited service and I need to contact whoever told me I could have my stuff within three days.

So I call all around van lines back and the girl who answers the phone refuses to transfer me to Daniella. It's literally against their policy. She keeps telling me "the broker doesn't have access to your account once your things are picked up". So I send an irate email to Daniella and, low and behold, I get a phone call.

She can see my account. She takes responsibility for forgetting to ask me about how many boxes I had. Apologizes but does not offer any kind of refund or compensation. At this point I just want my things delivered before I start work the next week so I don't make a big deal about the underestimation of 1000 dollars.

She says she will contact the dispatcher personally and I will get a call from them that evening. She tells me she will take care of this. I foolishly believe her. Tuesday I call back all around van lines because I hadn't heard from the dispatcher Monday night.

I get through to Daniella who seems surprised that I have not received a phone call from dispatch. She assures me my things will arrive Wednesday at the latest. By now I have figured out the direct number to the dispatcher so I call them and they say they will contact me 24 hours before the movers will arrive. Basically they have to tell me on Tuesday if they are going to arrive Wednesday.

The lady at dispatch, Phyllis, tells me I'm not scheduled for drop off on Wednesday. I try to explain to Phyllis that I paid for three day expedited service. She again claims they do not offer that service. I ask what about my six hundred dollars that I paid to have my things delivered within three days?

She says it will be refunded if it's not there by Thursday. I ask her to explain how "delivery within three days" means they pick my stuff up on Saturday and drop it off Thursday. She says "well, it means three business days". I said, again, how is Monday through Thursday three business days.

She snaps at me "I don't make the rules" and hurried off the phone. Tuesday ends with no confirmation they are coming on Wednesday. Wednesday ends with no confirmation they are coming on Thursday. At this point I'm starting to worry that I'm being punked.

Or that they have lost my stuff and are just stalling to see if they can find it before I figure it out. Thursday I call Daniella who assures me my things will be at my house by the beginning of the weekend. At this point I accept that I have no control. Phyllis actually sympathizes with me this time when I call her, saying that the brokers (Daniella) make these deals they can't confirm and leave people in the lurch like this.

Great, well now at least I know whose fault it is. Which doesn't make my stuff materialize. Friday morning I get a call that the movers will come Saturday. (I'm starting work on Monday so now instead of five days to move in to my new place I'll have one.

Fine, I think. Worse things have happened) Saturday they show up around noon, again only two guys. I have them just bringing the stuff in and setting it down so I can put everything close to where it belongs. They're finished moving everything in but I ask them to put the beds back together.

The movers in Chicago had taken them apart and in the contract I have it says that they will take apart furniture and put it back together. They guys say they don't have any tools to put the bed back together. They're going to go to Home Depot to buy some and be back in a little bit. Fine.

So I start putting things away. Two hours later not a word about it so I call one of the movers. I ask if he is coming back. Also I have noticed some items missing and I'm wondering if he has them (a big mirror, floor lamp).

He says his boss asked him to run another job in the mean time and that he will be back over with my mirror but that the floor lamp is gone and he has no idea where it might be. So he comes back to my place three hours later with a different dude and they put one of the beds together so I can have somewhere to sleep that night. I ask them to leave. I'll put the other bed together.

It's 7:30pm when they finish and leave my house.

IN ADDITION- so many of my boxes were dented, stained, split- like someone had kicked my stuff down the stairs. My guest mattress has a mysterious stain on it which is odd considering that i bought my own mattress bags and packed them up myself. If this site will let me post pictures I will. Dishes broken, missing items.

My high school yearbooks somehow got wet and by the time I got to them they had mold all over. Completely ruined.

It has taken me several months to write this review because I was so upset.

Please never use this company. They made the already stressful situation of moving to a different state completely hellish.

Product or Service Mentioned: All Around Van Lines Moving Service.

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